Monday, May 21, 2007

The Blues are some Drunk Geezers

You've no doubt heard that Chelsea knocked off Manchester United in extra time to win the FA Cup this past Saturday. What you probably didn't hear about was the wild post-game celebration that followed. The all-night bender cost a reported 25,000 pounds! Go do the conversion to find out what kind of night this was. Chelsea Captain John Terry led the celebrations and was joined by Frank Lampard, Shaun Wright-Phillips, and the hero of the day, Didier Drogba.

All that booze was more than enough to leave one of the lads in no condition to do much else, other than fall over.

Lampard needed help to find his way to a waiting car.

You'd think with the hordes of paparazzi that London is famous for, someone would have shot of Frank stumbling out to the sidewalk, but alas, I have come up empty in my search. I'll try to make up for it with this great shot of a young Lampard from his days in with The Hammers in East London.

Tip of the hat to The Offside for the original link.

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