Monday, May 21, 2007

We'll Miss You Chuck Amato!

We're really going to miss former NC State Head Coach huck Amato here in ACC Country. He was always good for a laugh, as evidenced by the photo to the left. He had those kick ass red shoes that he forced his assistants to wear. He had a voice like a person who had smoked cigarettes since their day of birth. He also never seemed to get his players to reach their full potential, which benefitted everyone is the ACC, because the Wolfpack always seemed to have a talent-rich roster.

Most importantly, Chuckie never seemed to be able to keep his kids in control on the field. Don't believe me, watch this:

Something tells me that Tom O'Brien will not tolerate this type of stuff from his version of the Wuffies and that's really too bad.

Tip of the hat to the great dudes over at TerpTown for the heads up on this one!

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