Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Day at the Park -- Practice Notes

Observations from today's "Organized Team Activity"...

-- Jim Zorn was wearing pants. He has worn pants everyday this week. Hopefully they are sweat-absorbing pants of some kind. I wore pants today as well. Pants were not a good choice.

-- An air horn was signifying the end of each session of practice. This is a change from the Gibbs 2.0 regime. Gibbs used a whistle to end each session. Media members were commenting on the difference. "The guys like Fabini just kinda toot the horn at offbeat times," Zorn said after practice. "You know he'll run up to our equipment guy and just grab it, hit it, just for fun. We gotta get our equipment guys to stay away from the O Line."

-- Another difference that some of the assembled media pointed out was that there weren't any refs at the practice. Zorn was asked about the significance of this after practice, but it was boring, and I didn't listen to what he said.

-- Shaun Suisham changed into flat-footed sneakers half-way through practice.

-- Speaking of special teams, rookie punter Durant Brooks was the essence of the "lonely kicker" at practice. He just looked like he wanted to punt, but no one was helping him out. I felt bad and wanted to ask him if he wanted to boot some to me, but I don't know how the coaching staff or the pr department would have felt about that. Maybe another day, huh?

-- After watching Ethan Albright work the Jugs Machine, it's obvious why he's a pro bowler. He really has great control of that thing. (All kidding aside, the Red Snapper is one of favorite Redskins)

-- After rookie receiver Devin Thomas caught a long pass from fellow rookie Colt Brennan, Mike Sellers was clearly heard barking, "YOU BETTER CATCH THAT" at Thomas. "It's fun," the rookie pass catcher replied when I asked him about it. "You know the older guys mess with me a little bit, but it's all in good company."

-- Nine guys wearing socks pulled up to the their knees: Fred Smoot, Chris Wilson, Andre Carter, James Thrash, London Fletcher, Derrick Frost, Matt Sinclair, Chris Horton, and Tavares Washington.

-- Byron Westbrook was wearing full length tights under his shorts. (He didn't participate in drills, he jogged on the side)

-- Free Agent defensive tackle Kevin Huntley was the only player sporting warm up pants at today's practice.