Tuesday, July 10, 2007

We Be Dumpin'

Winning the Turnover Battle checks in with the ladies who starred in sports flicks during the eraly years in the business. Wow, I never realized that was Hayden Panittiere in Remember the Titans.

Hogs Haven uncovers the Eastern's Motors commercial that I was on the set of a few weeks back. Man, that Jason Campell is a really bad dancer.

Matt Ufford drops by Fanhouse to give some lessons to the MSM on how to credits bloggers. I'm looking at you Sports Illustrated.

Lion in Oil takes a look at the recent soccer 'riot' in Lithuania. The reason they're wearing hooded sweatshirts to to conceal the identity. Duh!

The Offside finds women falling from the sky for the world greatest young footballer. What? This doesn't happen to you just walking down the street?

Sports by Brooks uncovers what could potentially be a bombshell for D.C. area sports. Hookers + Athletes + Scandal = Pure Awesomeness!

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