Wednesday, July 11, 2007

We Be Dumpin'

Mondesi's House finds yet another terricif picture of Brady Quinn. I've got to imagine that this will definitely be covered on Blog Show this week.

Lion In Oil finds out that Michigan in no longer going to be wearing the Swoosh. Adidas is blowing up kid. Once Beckham arrives, you're going to be seeing a lot more Adidas out there.

Zoner Sports thinks that Albert Pujols is a primadonna. C'mon dude, he should have played last night. It was his own manager for gods sakes!

Steinberg is in Vegas, where he learns they may be another Artest in the NBA soon. Hopefully the two Artest brothers will hook up for one killer R&B album in the near future.

The 700 Level reports that the Phillie Phanatic is the most popular mascot out there. My vote still goes to the Stanford Tree. I mean, what the hell is a phantaic anyway?

The Starting Five scores a Q&A with Etan Thomas. Dear Ernie Grunfeld, please trade Etan Thomas. Signed, Wizards Fans everywhere.

1 comment:

The Zoner said...

Sure he should have played. But to be a baby about it and say he wouldn't have come? Isn't he just the man of the fans. Sorry, he's a tool.

No one dare question the moves of The Delicate Genius, Tony La Russa!