Wednesday, June 27, 2007

We Be Dumpin'

Steinberg is in New York. Keep checking back all day. Classic stuff going down at the Bog. (DC Sports Bog)

Are you free tomorrow night? Why not get completey hammered playing the Bill Simmons NBA Draft Diary Drinking Game. Not as good as the Blog Show Drinking Game, but still fun. (Ballhype)

If drinking games aren't you bag, perhaps you could go party with Daequan Cook while he waits until the 2nd Round to hear his name get called. (Winning the Turnover Battle)

Shawn Marion really likes his toilet. (The Basketball Jones)

Carson Palmer really like his, erm, weiners. (The Fanhouse)

Is it a bad thing that all of these videos of cheerleaders falling make me laugh out loud? (Awful Announcing)

Matt Geiger is rich enough to have Bison on his estate. Yes, that Matt Geiger. (Sports By Brooks)

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