Monday, June 18, 2007

LaVar Arrington in Serious Condition

Former Redskins Linebacker LaVar Arrington was seriously hurt in a motorcycle accident early Monday afternoon.
Prince George's County Fire tells WTOP that Arrington is in serious condition after the crash near Route 50 and the Beltway.

I'm sure more deatils will come shortly.

It looks like LaVar's football career is indeed over, if it wasn't already, but let's all hope he is able to make a full recovery from today's events.

UPDATE: The report is that Lavar has suffered 'Priority One Head Trauma'. I'm not a doctor, but that doesn't sound very good to me. Let's keep the entire Arrington Family in our thoughts and prayers.

UPDATE #2: The Redskins Insider is now reporting that some people 'very close' to LaVar said that he broke his arm and his leg in the accident. Let's hope that is the extent of his injuries.

UPDATE #3: 'Priority One' is apparently a 'good thing', in this context. It means a live threatening, but treatable, injury. Also, WUSA has pictures of the crash on their website.

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Gabe said...

Damn man. Lavar has no luck at all.

Millions of dollars aside, I feel for the guy.