Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fanhouse is Numero Uno!

At least it is today in the latest edition of the Ballhype Blog Rankings. Is this a real big deal? Not really, but I'm pretty sure Deadspin has held that top spot since the rankings began, so seeing a different name at the top in interesting, at least. I'm also surprised that it happenned on the heels of Deadspin landing an interview with Harold Reynolds, which has been all over the blogosphere, and features a real creepy picture of Deadspin Editor Will Leitch.

What can this push to the top by the huge AOL entity be attributed to? How about the fact that they have 50 billion posts a day? Maybe it's the huge roster of talented writers they have?

Personally, I think it's the new With Leather-ish look!

BTW, The Dude Abides came in at #69. Sweet.

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Jason said...

Yeah, Deadspin had an insurmountable lead until we brought all of the FanHouses together under one roof (see the update to this post).

Your WL header theory might be valid ... the combined FanHouse was a close 2nd for a few days, then moved into 1st sometime last week.