Saturday, June 9, 2007

Just Shut Up Already!

This chick Danica Patrick is really starting to get on my nerves. She hasn't won a single race since joining the IRL and, to be blatently honest, I really don't think she is all that hot. All she seems to do is run her yap about poor little her. Hey Danica, here's some advice. WIN A RACE ALREADY! Then people might care what you think, but right now, nobody gives a hoot.

All you are at this point is a marketing ploy.

While becoming one of the country's most recognizable female athletes, she has ridden shotgun with Jay-Z and Dale Earnhardt Jr. in a music video, dished as a guest co-host of The View and starred in a Super Bowl commercial for Internet domain registrar, one of several companies to feature her in national advertising.

In an interesting twist, the day after the Indianapolis 500, famed-columnist (and ultra-feminist) Sally Jenkins took Danica to task.
Her supporters over-congratulate her for being a woman, the highest female finisher at the Indianapolis 500. To her detractors, she has raced in yet another Indy without a victory, making her a winless, Hostess-endorsing twinkie who takes commercial victory laps without ever seeing the checkered flag.

If the piece was written by a male columnist, it wouldn't hold much weight, but coming from Jenkins, I'd say it's pretty damning for Danica Mania.

It's not only columnists who have a problem with little Ms Patrick though. It's obvious that there is a serious disconnect between Danica and her fellow drivers, and even her own teammates. A few weeks back, she cost fellow Andretti Green driver Tony Kanaan a chance at winning in Kansas.

Patrick race strategist Kim Green gave Patrick the verbal go-ahead to leave the pits just as Kanaan approached the adjacent pit box. Patrick's car then sideswiped Kanaan, breaking his suspension and ending Kanaan's hopes for back-to-back victories and possibly his chances of earning his second IndyCar title.

"I'm not trying to point a finger, but I did what I was told," Patrick said.

Good thing Danica took responsibilty, huh? Kanaan told his crew over the radio, "If this ever happens again, I will never drive for you ever."

Just last week after a race in Milwaukee, two-time defending Indycar Series Champion Dan Wheldon had his own run-in with Patrick.

"She's just being Danica. She'll be fine when she calms down. She's messing with the wrong person if she wants to get feisty."

My guess is that will not be the last time we hear about an on-track incident that invloves the little girl they call Danica.

Look Danica, you've started 36 races on the IRL circuit and you've only led a total of 63 laps! Are you freakin' kidding me? Why would the other drivers respect you? You've never finished higher than 4th place. Why do you insist on running your yap all the time? Maybe it's time to look in the mirror and realize that maybe the reason that everyone on the circuit seems to not like you very much is that you are not a very good driver Danica. Interesting concept, huh?


Comandante AgĂ­ said...

I second the STFU. But she's way hotter than Dale Earnhardt Jr, and that really gets NASCAR fans turned on.

Anonymous said...

I just got home from TMS and the Bombardier Lear Jet 550 race, where Danica placed 3rd after Sam Hornish and Tony Kanaan. Awesome race. I grew up near Indy and can't remember how many races I've been to. There are at least 10 drivers out there with NO wins ( USA Today had an article that includes a list of 2004, 2005 and 2006 rookies--only 1 (Marco Andretti) has won a race. I've Googled a lot of key words and haven't found a comprehensive listing, but I'll bet there are plenty of race drivers who went their entire career without a win--start with Sarah Fisher, who hasn't had a win in 55 Indy car starts. So, I ask all of you who hate Danica--if she were a Dyke Lesbian with a butch haircut and tatoos, would you like her more or less?