Sunday, June 3, 2007

Swedes Takes Advantage of Danish Drunk!

Qualifying for the 2008 European Football Championships continued on Saturday after a 65-day layoff. Some results that stand out are obviously World Champions Italy squeeking out a 2-1 in the Faroe Islands and Germany 'taking it easy' on San Marino by only scoring 6 goals this time around. (Ze Germans netted 13 goals during the fixture last September in San Marino. The result is the largest margin of victory in European Qualifying history.)

The match of the day was definitely contested in Copenhagen, where the Danes hosted Sweden in a Scandanavian Derby. It was an ending to remember! With the score ied at 3 in the final minutes, the match was abandoned and Sweden was awarded a forfiet victory when a Danish fan entered the pitch and appeared to strike the referee. The hubub followed a sequence in which Denmark defender Christian Poulsen punched Sweden striker Markus Rosenberg (and by 'punched', I mean hit him in the spot that no man should hit another man). Sweden was awarded a penalty kick and Poulsen was shown a red card by German Ref Herbert Fandel. Don't believe me? Take s look.

I don't think I have ever heard of a match of this magnitude (it basically eliminated Denmark from contention) being called of because of the actions of a supporter. The decision is apparently under review by UEFA, so we shall see what the final outcome will be.

Oh, The Oranje don't have another qualifier until September 8th, but they did dispatch of South Korea quite easily on Saturday.