Wednesday, June 6, 2007

An Exclusive Interview with Cedric the Entertainer

Last Night, Dan Steinberg and I went to the First Annual Washington Mystics Gala at The Fairmont Hotel in Downtown DC. Our goal was to get an episode of BogTV out of it, which we did, which you can see on tonight's Washington Post Live.

The big draw of the evening was a performance by Cedric the Entertainer, he off The Original Kings of Comedy fame. Steinz and I didn't stick around for the actual performance, but we got our own little show backstage before Cedric hit the mic. This guy is goofy. Check it out.

I should mention that Cedric was very gracious with his time and Steinz and I both appreciated his effort.

The Dude Abides interviews Cedric the Entertainer (With Leather)

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