Saturday, June 9, 2007

Blog Show XII

An even dozen!

Some great moments in this week's show. Steinz was bringing it strong with some fantastic one-liners. If you were drunk last week after playing the Blog Show Drinking Game, my guess is this week might be better (or worse).

Our inbox is filling up fast, so if you want to be a part of Blog Show XIII, get your tips in early!

Now With More Wings! B&C On The Blog Show (Bugs & Cranks)
Blog Show No. 12: 'The Freshest Pig Anus Available' (Mr Irrelevant)
The Blog Show (Draft Kevin Durant)
Le Blog Show Numero Douze (The Hype Guy)
SGS On The Blog Show: “…And Some Guy Named Jay From Sports Gone South. Don’t Know Him.” (Sports Gone South)
Injury Rate makes the Blog Show twice in one sitting (100% Injury Rate)
Can you believe Blog Show is at XII? (Deadspin)
Blog Show No. 12 unvieled, Zach L.S. finally gets his shout-out (We are the Postmen)
Bitching and Whining totally pays off! (The Big Picture)
Mr Irrelevant presents Bog Show XII (With Leather)

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