Friday, May 11, 2007

Inside Blog Show (Part II)

James, if you please ...

JL: Where did the name 'Blog Show' come from?

Littles: That's an interesting story Jim. The first go around at trying to come up with a name was at the DC Sports Bloggers Happy Hour. Although we had some interesting ideas thrown out that night, nothing was decided on and that was probably for the best considering the bar tab that we ran up. To be honest, I can't really recall who actually came up with 'Blow Show', but I know that Jamie, Dan, and I made the final decision on the name over dinner at Gordon Biersch Brewery, where we ran up another pretty hefty tab! One thing I do know is that the minute that it was decided that 'Blog Show' would be the name, I knew that the theme song, which has become sort of an internet phenomenon, was going to be an ode to the Saturday Night Live sketch 'Dog Show'.

JL: Gordon Biersch, huh? You guys seem real classy?

Littles: Well, in all fairness, GBB wasn't our first choise. We had originally arranged to dine at one of the more exclusive restaurants in DC, The Old Ebbitt Grill. But I, being the novice businessman that I was, didn't realize that getting a table there on a Thursday night, without a reservation, was harder than Vida Guerra's ass.

JL: That is a fine ass, isn't it?

Littles: It sure is Jim.

It sure is


Inside Blog Show (Part I)

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