Thursday, May 10, 2007

Inside Blog Show (Part I)

I thought it would be fun to let my three readers in on the "industry secrets" of how Blog Show comes together every week, and what better way to relay that information than a formal sit-down interview of, well, myself. But hold the phone, we have a brought in a professional to conduct the interview! The one and only James Lipton, host of Bravo's Inside the Actor's Studio!

So, without further to do, I give you, 'Inside Blog Show'. James, the floor is yours.

JL: The concept of Blog Show is one that has been called "revolutionary", but where did the original idea actually come from?

Littles: Well, James, first of all, thanks for having me. It really is an honor that you dropped by this afternoon, and let me be the first to say that I really can't see your face without thinking of Will Ferrell. But, I digress. With regards to your question, it really started with the insistance of Dan Steinberg to include a weekly segment, devoted to the sports blogosphere, in the new talk show that The Washington Post and Comcast Sportsnet were teaming up to work on, appropriately titled, 'Washington Post Live'.

JL: And, as I understand it, it wasn't long before another blogger's name was being banded about in the Comcast Sportsnet newsroom?

Littles: That's correct Jim. Steinberg mentioned to the powers that be that there was a local lad, by the name of Jamie Mottram who had been dubbed 'The Blogfather' by his fellow blog brethren. The kicker was that he had TV experience.

It seemed to be a perfect match! So, we had our stars, now all we needed was a direction for the segment.


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Jamie Mottram said...

Wait, how'd you photoshop that picture of me?