Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Blogs are Awesome!

With Leather is on the front page of The Washington Post. Not the front page of the sports section, the FRONT PAGE; A1.

Now, people may get in up and arms about why Matt Ufford and his tremedously popular sports blog are being featured in that article, but I direct those people to the "mission statement" that can be found on With Leather's home page.

With Leather is a blog about all the assholes and idiots in the world of sports, and the hot chicks who date them. People who get offended or take too much pride in their favorite team should probably just leave now, because I hate you already.

So, for those people who have a problem with Matt and all the other bloggers out there who have picked up the story of Allison Stokke, I guess the joke's on you!

"I understand there are certain people who are put off immediately by the tone of my blog," Ufford said. "Every week, there's somebody who takes offense to something, but that's part of being a comedy writer. If nobody is complaining, it probably wasn't funny. You are hoping for some kind of feedback."

It's interesting to me how hitting the proverbial "home run" in the blogosphere, as Ufford did with the picture of Stokke, is perceived as something disgusting and perveted in nature by most MSM. It leads to a huge jump in readership for his blog, not that he needed it, and now it has brought international attention, via The Washington Post.

The lesson is quite clear; I need to get to work searching the Intertubes for a picture that is Allison Stokke worthy! I need the traffic.

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