Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Blog Show X

Double Digits!

It feels great to be ten!

How great does Steinz look as our screenshot, huh? I'd also like to point out the fact that as I publish this, SEVEN blogs have already picked up this latest edition, before Jamie or myself actually posted it. Thanks to everyone for that!

Grab some string cheese and watch Blog Show (With Leather)
Video - The Blog Show (Ballhype)
Mondesi's House makes the cut on another edition of The Washington Post's Blog Show (Mondesi's House)
Blog Show NUMBER TEN (The Hype Guy)
Need4Sheed on Blog Show (Need 4 Sheed)
Sportable featured on The Blog Show (Sportable)
The Yankees Are Ready For You Streaking Hooligans (The Fanhouse)
LIO Does The Blog Show (Lion in Oil)
Blog Show No. 10: 'That Get's a Ding' (Mr Irrelevant)
Blog Show No. 10 is Out! (The Big Picture)
Mr. Irrelevant celebrates a Milestone (Sports by Brooks)
Memo to the People: Here is Episode #10 (Joe Sports Fan)
The Blog Show hits double digits (Just Call Me Juice)
And Finally… (Shot to Nothing)

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