Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Day at the Park -- The Prank War

Center Casey Rabach and Kicker Shaun Suisham had what many observed to be an onoing fued during this week's round of OTA's. I admit that I got word of this very late in the game, but I did hear something about Rabach parking his truck in Suisham's spot in the lot, and Suisham letting the air out of Rabach's tires after leaving him a note that said "Parking for Kicker's Only". Nothing too heated, but seemed like something fun. So I went to the kicker to get his take on the week's events.

"I think we both got through the week alright. I'd be ok with it if it just died with mini camp here. I don't want it to [continue through training camp]. I think it's done. A little offseason fun."

So it looks like the kicker is calling a truce. Something tells me the center -- who declined to comment -- may have other ideas.

To be continued...

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