Sunday, July 1, 2007

Hooligan Week Begins!

It's Hooligan Week here at The Dude Abides! Over the course of the next seven days we'll take a look at soccer violence from all across the globe. It should be a real hoot!

The Dude is a student of hooligan culture and one day hopes to immerse himself into the scene to experience it firsthand. The amount of hooligan-related books and videos in The Dude's library is extensive. The Dude is fascinated with hooligan culture and he hopes you enjoy this look into the world that surrounds it.

Today we'll start with a video from last summer's World Cup in Germany. There were a few dust ups during the month long tournament, but overall, the trouble was said to be minor. The following shows that that may not have been true.

Keep your eyes glued to The Dude Abides as Hooligan Week continues over the next few days!


Kenneth said...

Not Cool - don't know if this is an American version of irony but its not big and its not clever.
Don't really want to give you a history lesson but try this search:
The fact google has 20,000+ articles on "football hooligan" and death should give you an idea of the reality. Alternatively look at this

The program you are showing is a pathetic, yobbish piece of trash from Bravo which is worse than your Bravo - see this

Enjoy the blog and blog show but stick to what you know.

littles: said...


Thanks for the comment. I feel as though I know my fair share about the 'reality' of hooligan culture and I am more than aware of the Heysel Disaster. I don't need a history lesson.

The 'reality' is that hooligan culture is violent, plain and simple. I simply want to broaden people's horizons to a subject that many know very little about.

Kenneth said...

Littles, maybe I was a bit over the top or underestimated your knowledge of the history, however I've seen bits of the program you're showing and it doesn't convey that message, it glamourises it, as do Bravos other programs e.g. Adult Swim, America's Hardest Bounty Hunters, Booze Britain or Britain's Toughest Towns.

The BBC made a much better documentary about 5 years ago which covered iirc Lazio, Boca Juniors and possibly England today, sorry but I don't know if its available online.

No offence meant