Thursday, July 5, 2007

Having Trouble Keeping Tabs on NBA Girlfriends?

This is Candance Parker, the soon to be Mrs. Shelden Williams. I know this because I'm juiced in, I know my stuff. Not everyone can have my phenomenal ability to identify NBA Players Wives and Girlfriends, but fear not my friends. There's a place on the interwebs for you!

If you ever wondered who your favorite NBA Player is dating, head on over to It's basically a message board for people to update any information they have. There's really a wealth of information here. Interested in who Dirk Nowitzki is getting close to? How about Emeka Okafor? I mean, who isn't interesting in who Emeka Okafor might be having sexual relations with, right?

Still not convinced, here's a sample of what you might find.

On Gilbert Arenas

He likes to screw in a very uncomfortable place - and no, I'm not talkin bout no back of no volkwagon HOLLA!

On Chris Duhon
He dates coach K

On Dahntay Jones
I'm not claiming to be his girl or anything, but whenever I want to see him; he sends for me

On Kenyon Martin
I saw him at the club letting some girl grind on him so it's good his wife is leaving his cheating ass

This is just a small portion of the goldmine that is!


Randy Charles Morin said...

Cool! Thanks for the links!

Anonymous said...

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