Monday, July 16, 2007

Blog Show XV

I am really looking forward to Steinberg returning this week. I'm sure everyone else is too.

Thnaks to Jamie for letting me tag along and thanks to everyone for the kind words, depsite what I consider my sub-par performance.

Blog Show XV (
Blog Show has a little change up this week
(The Hype Guy)
Blog Show No. 15: 'The Dude Abides'
(Mr Irrelevant)
Mr Irrelevant presents Blog Show XV
(With Leather)
Your Pain is Our Gain
(100% Injury Rate)
Blog Show Numero Viente y Cinco
(Awful Announcing)
Blog Show Debut
(Doberman on the Diamond)

1 comment:

Phil said...

The Dude is THE SHIT! What a job filling in this week. I especially enjoyed the shameless plug at the beginning.

On that note, for some good laughs and insightful commentary check out!