Tuesday, June 26, 2007

We Be Dumpin'

It's good to see Gilbert back in action. Wish I could have gone to New York with Steinberg this week for BogTV. Probably would have been some gold to found up in Manhatten over the next two days. (Gilbertology) & (DC Sports Bog)

Poor Freddy Adu. I hope he does well in the upcoming U-20 World Cup and finally gets his contract in Europe. Then we'll finally see what we have on our hands. (Rumors and Rants)

Team Gringo beats those Dirty Mexicans! I give all the credit to Frankie Hejduk and his Bob Marley quote on the white board. (US Soccer)

Bobby Boswell is in Venezuela getting ready for Copa America. (BobbyBoswell.com)

Interesting look at ESPN's coverage of the Pacman Saga. (Leave The Man Alone)

Yea, I know, lots of soccer. Eat me.

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