Monday, June 11, 2007

We be Dumpin'

Sorry for the lack of Monday updates. I'm sure the 44 people who have looked at this site today are totally crushed. I was out at an Eastern's Motors commercial shoot today with Steinberg. Great Success! Look for the footage to hit Comcast Sportsnet on Wednesday (although there is a week's worth og BogTV on the hour+ of tape that I shot.

It's fixing to be a busy week for The Dude, so today's lackluster effort could become somewhar of a trend for the next few days. Good news is I will be doing another Live Blog for Washington Post Live on Wednesday. Apparently somebody liked it.

Without further to do.

DC United seems to be back and there's only one place where every DC sports fan can rejoice in peace. (The DC Optimist)

I don't know if being in the TV Business makes this funnier to me, but I guarantee you a laugh if you give it a whirl. (Our Book of Scrap)

Speaking of Live Blogging, the NCAA isn't a big fan. (We are the Postmen)

Serena Williams has a ginormous buttocks! (Sports by Brooks)

Cricket, Anyone? (Awful Announcing)

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