Monday, June 18, 2007

Blog Show XIII

Ah, The Dude is back from a relaxing (i.e. drunk) weekend spent camping in Western Maryland. The Comcast Sportsnet Softball Team swept our Saturday doubleheader and is now just one game out of the division lead. An excellent weekend all around.

So what better way to start of the work week than watching the episode that put Blog Show at a baker's dozen.

Blog Show No. 13: 'This Is the Balls' (Mr Irrelevant)
Dropping another duece on you (100% Injury Rate)
We're Rolling HArd These Days (The Sporting Orange)
HRD Got More Wings (Home Run Derby)
Thank You Crazy Sports Wives. Thank You (Sports Gone South)
Mr Irrelevant displays Blog Show XIII (With Leather)
It's All About The Linkage (The Ghost of Wayne Fontes)
Random Linkage for the Weekend (The Hype Guy)

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