Saturday, June 2, 2007

Blog Show XI

This week's Blog Show marks a few seminal moments of sorts. We finally have an email address, thanks to the newest member of the Blog Show team, our intern Mike Prada, the proprietor of Bullets Forever. Plus, we were joined, via crappy delayed satelitte, by Matt Ufford; front-page newsmaker and the man behind With Leather. Enjoy!

I really like the fact that we have switched to Roman Numerals to keep track. It just makes us that much cooler.

Blog Show No. 11: 'Objectifying Cheese' (Mr Irrelevant)
Immortality, Thy Name is YouTube! (Pyle of List)
We are on the Blog Show. Not sure what that means... (Loser With Socks)
The Association Appears on Blog Show XI (The Association)
The Blog Show lets us sample the artisan cheese: Matt Ufford makes an appearance. (Foul Balls)
The Chief guest stars on Blog Show XI (With Leather)
Blog Show XI: We Get Our Wings (Rumors and Rants)
Blog Show Numero 11 (Larry Brown Sports)
Blog Show gets interned (Hogs Haven)
This Blog Show Goes to Eleven! (Awful Announcing)
Talk about blowin up: the Blog Show now has an intern and is scoring guests. (The Big Lead)

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