Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Thank you Jesus!

Amanda Beard is going to pose in Playboy!

I'm sorry that this post doesn't have much substance.

It's pretty much just an excuse to post as many photos as possible of one the most beautiful women in the world, IMHO.

Sorry if this makes me some kind of Perv.

It was totally worth it.

Oh Hell, here's some substance. Amanda is planning to move from Tucson and establish a permanent training base in Southern California. It means that her nine-year training period under the University of Arizona’s Frank Busch will end.

“I’ve encouraged her to do this,” said Busch. “She is in such demand and has so many once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that it doesn’t make much sense for her to spend five or six days a month in Tucson. I would like to see her go out on top (in the 2008 Beijing Olympics). She’s such a competitor. I wouldn’t put anything past her.”


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