Friday, May 18, 2007

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

So this post is going to be worth at least 3,000 words, because I have three tremendous pictures!

But first, let's set the stage. The America's Cup of Polo held a Media Day last Thursday. Dan Steinberg attended, I didn't. I had to catch up on work because I had missed two days due to jury duty. I now thoroughly regret that decision.

Without further to do, I present to you ... Agent Bog on a polo pony!

Somtimes you just have to let the pictures do the talking, huh?

Which is your favorite? I, personally, really enjoy the look on his face in the final picture. It's like, "Oh man, they're taking pictures of me on this damn thing. That can't be good."

In all seriousness, all credit goes to Steinberg for actually sending these pictures to me for the sole purpose of posting them here.

So, let's not be shy people, let's spread the wealth! I invite you, hell, I fully encourage you, to post these pictures on your own sites!

Let's show the entire Blogosphere what a sportsman Agent Steinz truly is!

I think you're going to want to see Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog mounting a horse (Deadspin)
Tuesday's Media/Blog Wrapup (The Big Lead)


Unsilent Majority said...

That last picture is as great as anything ever produced by Steinz (Ida and the Bog included)

Chimpanzee Rage said...

I say use that last picture as the new logo for the Sports Bog

ShannonBWF said...

Little...can I get a photo credit?