Thursday, May 17, 2007

Orioles / Nationals: Does Anyone Care?

The guys over at Oriole Magic sure don't. But at least they're talking about it. A look around the 'Battle of the Beltways' blogosphere shows just how little talk there is about this 'rivalry'.

Camden Chat: Nothing
The Wayword Oriole: Not a word
Oriole Post: Silence
Oriole Central: Bare (Although they are killing Sam Perlozzo)

Well, maybe the Nationals Bloggers are the ones who are more interested in this weekend's series!

Just a Nats Fan: Zilch
Capitol Punishment: Zero
Distinguished Senators: Nil
The Nationals Enquirer: Although they do mention the series, it is only in their 'exclusive report' that Sidney Ponson may make an appearance at RFK this weekend.
BallWonk: I don't even think they're around anymore

So there you have it! The Local Blogosphere is not exactly jacked about the next edition of 495/695 Faceoff.

The good thing is that the Nationals are going to get the sweep this weekend, which will bring them even the Orioles, record-wise (18-26). That will definitely help me win my yearly bet with my boy Cyrus.

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Ben said...

Geez, that is this weekend. I've become so disinterested in Oriole baseball lately that I forgot the greatest rivalry in all sport! I've posted according. Thanks for reminding me.