Sunday, May 13, 2007

LIVE BLOG! Jazz / Warriors Game 4 ... 2nd Half

ok, so I missed ALL of the 1st half to watch Sopranos and Entourage, but now the 2nd half begins and I will try my hand at live-blogging for the first time.

Without further to do ...

10:48 Why isn't Baron Davis dunking on Andrei Kirelenko yet? That was a sweet '3' though by the bearded one, and Doug Collins just said it was his first basket in a while. That's got to be a good thing for Golden State, considering that they are now winning by three and their best player isn't having the greatest night.

10:51 Why is Pam Oliver working NBA sidelines now?

10:52 WE BELIEVE BITCHES! Timeout Jazz. 60-54 Warriors, man those guys really get out and run.

10:54 I absolutely love hearing Snoop Dogg songs during Heineken commercials! Speaking of which, I think I will drink that last Summer Ale in my fridge.

10:55 Wow, Warrior moms in throwback jerseys giving a huge check to charity! TREMENDOUS!

10:56 I still hate Carlos Boozer because of his mom, but that guy is a serious NBA baller! Booz is on a personal 6-oh run. We're tied at 60.

10:57 YAY! More Heineken commercials, which mean more S to the N to the double O to the P!

11:00 OK, TNT just showed a quick shot of one of their cameramen wearing a 'We Believe" T-shirt, how is that possible? Isn't that a little over the top? 8-oh Utah run.

11:01 10-oh run, 27 for Booz, Donte Ellis stops the bleeding for GS. Mehmet Okur picks up his 4th foul, takes seat, kinda early to have two of your big-time players with four fouls (Okur and AK-47).

11:03 I want Mickael Pietrus to fight (i.e. kick the shit out of) Matt Harpring! (yet anothe former-acc'er that I do not like)

11:05 Al Harrington just put the smack down on Boozer in the lane, looked flagrant, oh man, the replay that is as flagrant as it comes, right to the big dome of Booz! Warriors up one after Boozer hits one of two freebies.

11:07 Doug Collins should stop doing drugs because he just compared Carlos Boozer to Karl Malone.

11:09 Where is Jessica Alba damnit???

11:12 Here, want your own 'We Believe' t shirt? Try ebay. Some schmuck is paying $50 for one! I think I will go put on my Joe Smith Warriors jersey.

11:14 My god. Oracle Arena really gets loud. You can hardly here Kevin Harlan when they get really rocking!

11:17 Huge three by The Beard! Utah doesn't score a single point in the last 1:15 of the 3rd quarter. Warriors up 78-75 heading to the 4th. Mmmmmm, Summer Ale.

11:19 In the words of Wise Lebron, "Playa Haters, elevators. If you cross me, you will die." What the hell does that even mean? Who writes this shit?

11:21 Wow, The Beard and Jason Richardson are a combined 7 of 17 through three quarters. How are the Warriors winning this game?

11:22 Deron Williams AND Booz on the Utah bench to start the 4th. Interesting.

11:23 The signage on the side of the court is advertising Bud Light. Alert the NBA! If Don Nelson can't have a post-game beer, why is is that the greedy league is able to collect huge dollar amunts from the beer companies to market their product? Hypocrites!

11:25 The last half of Pam Oliver's report on the condition of Dee Brown was totally inaudible thanks to the crazy fans inside Oracle Arena. SPEAK UP PAM!

11:26 AK-47 picks up his 5th foul, Booz back into the game. 81-80 Utah. 9:20 left.

11:28 If MLB '07: The Show is the most "realistic baseball experience", then David Wright would have swung and missed on that pitch. I think he's batting about .240 right now.

11:32 10-2 Utah run to start this quarter. The Warriors need their fans to get back into it, RIGHT NOW! That bucket by Harrington to cut it back down to three will help!

11:34 Some guy in the front row looks like he has his video camera at the game. Hopefully we'll see some nice footage on YouTube in the near future.

11:36 Huge '3' by Harrington. Warriors now within one. They have 11 triples on the night, the Jazz have only one.

11:37 Warriors take back the lead on the huge throw down by Andris Biedrins. It's going to be a great final 6 minutes. Derek Fisher nails the '3' to give the lead right back to the Jazz. 89-87. 5:49 to go.

11:42 21 turnover for the Jazz tonight so far. I've got my answer as to how the Warriors are still in this game.

11:43 Great reaction shot of the Warriors fan grimicing like has a serious hemroid after that big bucket by Okur. 91-88 Jazz. 4:42 to play.

11:44 Fisher now with 16 in the game. 9 in the 4th quarter! 126 career playoff games for this guy, it really shows.

11:46 Uh oh, Jazz looking like they're taking control here with just under 3 minutes to go. 97-91. Boozer at the line trying to complete the three-point play.

11:49 What a play by Matt Barnes. The Warriors won't go away quietly. He needs this free throw, he missed it! Remember that.

11:51 GAME OVER. Derek Fisher hits his 3rd three of the quarter. 100-93 Utah. let me say it again, GAME OVER!

11:52 It would really be a shame if this is the last game of the season at Oracle Arena. These Warriors fans really deserve more playoff basketball. They have brought life to the playoffs like no other crowd. I SALUTE YOU YELLOW-CLD WARRIORS FANATICS!

11:54 Since when is under two minutes, down nine, "a lot of time" Doug? I'd like you to explain that to me, please.

11:55 OOOOOOOOO, was that an intentional shot by The Beard on Derek Fisher? I don't think so. Fisher and The Beard were teammates and I don't think The Beard would stoop that low. I mean, he is The Beard!

11:58 These last 90 seconds could take a while.

11:59 Nice, Warriors in desperate need of a basket and Stephen Jackson dribbles it right out of bounds. Sweet!

12:00 GS has lost only 11 games at home all season, and this will be their first home loss of the postseason.

12:01 Just two seasons ago, the Jazz won only 26 games, now they are one win away from the Western Conference Finals. Excellent work by Jerry Sloan and Kevin O'Connor.

12:03 OK, now we got some bad blood. Nice hard foul by Richardson on Okur. That's what I like to see! Now J-Rich wants to yell at the officials. Keep up the good fight Jason! Now Derek Fisher wants to talk some junk with Richardson. Can we get some punches? Nope, Richardson goes straight to the lockerroom after being ejected.

12:05 I told you this would take a long time, 7 minutes and counting for the last 90 seconds of the game.

12:06 20,679 in attendance tonight. The largest crowd to ever see a basketball game in the state of California. Too bad that's not worth 13 points.

12:07 wow, this turned into a rout! Final Score, Utah 115, Golden State 101. 40 points for the Jazz in the 4th quarter! That will get the job done any night of the week.

12:08 Turns out I had two bottles left. Mmmmm, Summer Ale!

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