Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Get Your Fantasy Fix

The Beltway Baseball Report is the newest addition to the Comcast Sportsnet programming lineup. The BBR airs every Sunday evening inside the 10 p.m. Sportsnite. Seeing as how Fantasy Baseball is now a huge part of the Major League Baseball culture, the BBR is now airing a bi-weekly segment called "The Fantasy Flash". The host of this segment is Ariel Agami, a die-hard Yankees fan, and an all-around baseball guru. In addition to his Regional Televison reports every other week, the good people at ComcastSportsnet.com will be posting a weekly video of Ariel giving his Fantasy Flash.

Now I will say that Ariel is one of my closest friends here in the CSN newsroom, and that is the reason I will give him this pub. I will also say that the guy never ceases to amaze me with this baseball brain. The man knows his stuff, and his first few tips could have helped any struggling fantasy manager out there. He's also someone who has worked his rear end off to get this chance at doing something on air, and I believe he is taking full advantage of this opportunity.

So, if you're looking for some help in getting a leg up on your fantasy competition as the Spring turns into Summer, send Ariel an email. And please be sure to ask him what place his team currently sits in the Comcast Sportsnet Fantasy Baseball League.

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