Tuesday, May 15, 2007

DC United should sign Rivaldo!

Yea, that's right, I'm saying it. The Black & Red should go out and use their designated player spot on 35-year old Rivaldo.

It was recently reported that the Brazilian was leaving his previous club Olympiakos, effective immediately. It was an interesting announcement considering back in February, he said he would be returning to the club next season. He had been the main cog in back-to-back-to-back Greek Super League titles, and had just scored 15 goals in 24 Greek Super League games.

In my eyes, this guy is the perfect addition to any MLS team, and if one of the 13 clubs is lucky enough to land him, they will definitely benefit from it.

So why DC United, you ask? They already have a playmaking center midfielder in reigning MLS MVP Christian Gomez, you say? Well, my guess is that Gomito aint going to be around too much longer. Contract talks have broken off between Gomez's camp and the club, and my gut feeling is that he will return to Argentina next season to finish his career with his boyhood club, Nueva Chicago.

Rivaldo would bring a flair that has yet to be seen in the MLS, and the fact that newly acquired Luciano Emilio and Fred also both hail from Brazil can't hurt the situation. Rivaldo was basically Ronaldinho before there was a Ronaldinho, and he definitely still shows the flashes of brilliance that lead Brazil to the 2002 World Cup.

Want to see what this guy is all about? Check this out!

Now, granted, this was many moons ago, but it shows the kind of footballing this guy was and, I believe, still is capable of.

Now I know the chances of this actauuly going down are zero to none, but mark my words, if it were to happen, DC United would not only make a splash on the world futbol stage, but it would ensure a few more pieces of hardward for the trophy case at RFK Stadium.

Where Next for Rivaldo? (The Offside)


Unsilent Majority said...

holy hell, that would be amazing.

V-SPOT said...

couldn't agree more.

V-SPOT said...

whoops i meant to say more:

At 35 the only thing he has lost is speed, which he never had much of to begin with. The ball control, the mesmerizing dribbling, ability to shoot with both feel, the creativity and passing vision--it's all still there. To me he'd be a more exciting signing than Beckham because of the sheer level of flair he brings. That goal vs Valencia, in my mind top 10 all-time ever, just shows his ability to step up on the big stage and provide thrilling drama.