Saturday, May 12, 2007

Blog Show #8 ... The Best Yet?

It is with great joy and excitment that I present to you the latest edition of Blog Show. Steinz and Mottram came through with some great stuff this week and we had some excellent content to work with. I really believe this is our best effort to date!

Now I am off to the America's Cup of Polo! Expect a full report later.

Blog Show No. 8: 'Bring Your Drunken Goat With You' (Mr Irrelevant)
Home Run Derby is on The Blog Show … (Home Run Derby)
Mascots Dance Off … on Real TV (Larry Brown Sports)
Blog Show mentions the Deuce! AGAIN (Deuce of Davenpost)
Blog Show No.8 on Mr Irrelevant (With Leather)
We made the Blog Show this week! (Ladies ...)
Video - The Blog Show (Ballhype)
Say it again, Jamie (Snarktastic)

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