Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Baltimore Doesn't Like The Ravens

You'd think that the City of Baltimore would treat their most prized possession and only Pro Sports Franchise that matters with a little more respect, but apparently the city's parking authority doesn't really care what the team that brought Charm City it's last championship thinks. According to the Baltimore Sun, The Ravens are none too happy with the way one of the parking lots close to M&T Bank stadium was leased.

The city agreed to lease Lot O, a space not far from Russell Street near M&T Bank Stadium, to CBS Radio last July. But the Ravens say the city reached the deal without notifying the club, the Maryland Stadium Authority or major local parking companies that the space was available.

Now the Ravens want that contract with CBS terminated and they want their own, more lucrative contract put in place, but the city is saying that the five-year lease ain't going no where anytime soon. In their defense, CBS is being nice enough to allow space for 77 to 85 buses to park in their lot, but will not allow any cars. The Ravens say the lot has enough room for 85 buses and 300 cars.

The city acquired Lot O in 1998 to ensure adequate parking for buses during events at M&T Bank Stadium. The Ravens used it under an arrangement between the city and the stadium authority.

The irony of the whole situation is that fact the greedy city leaders who leased the lot to CBS, could have more than doubled their profit if they just would have given the Ravens a chance to bid.

Way to go Baltimore! Hopefully this time Mr Bisciotti won't take it personally and move his team to some Midwestern city in the cover of darkness.

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