Sunday, July 29, 2007

Blog Show XVII

I was supposed to be down in Anacostia watching some serious NBA talent take to the courts of Berry Farms, but Mother Nature has insisted on douching everyone in the Washington DC area for the last few hours. Here's the latest edition of Blog Show. And here's a recap of the latest DC Blogger Happy Hour.

Blog Show 17 (Nyjer Please)
Blog Show No. 17: 'Suck Walnuts' (Mr Irrelevant)
This Weeks Sports Blog Show (ShoutFan)
LIO & The Blog Show: A Match Made In Heaven (Lion In Oil)
I find it horribly addicting, and I'm not sure if I should be worried about that. (Red Sox Monster)
Blog Show 17:I'd Like to Thank the Academy (Hogs Haven)
Mr Irrelevant Presents Blog Show XVII (With Leather)
The latest Episode of Blog Show (The Hype Guy)
Smittblog Shout Out On The Blog Show (The Smittblog)

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